MU330 Adjustable Calf Shin Splint Support

Adjustable Calf/Shin Sleeve


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Product Description

Adjustable Calf / Shin Splint Support This lightweight support provides firm, comfortable compression to help relieve pain and discomfort associated with shin splints.  The soft neoprene blend retains body heat, stimulating circulation while controlling excess fluid in the calf area.

  • Adjustable straps help provide controlled compression and custom fit

  • Fully-trimmed edges with smooth seams help prevent irritation and chafing

  • Wraparound design for easy on and off

330 REG or LG

Sizing: Measure around mid calf

Regular 8″ – 16″ (20 cm – 40 cm)
Large 11″ – 20″ (27 cm – 50 cm)


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