Varsity Flex 2.0


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Small players? Yes. Small technology? HA! Why cant young players have the same technology that the older players have? Scaled down to just the right size of course. And that’s what the Varsity Flex™ is – AiR Flex™ technology, just for kids.

Affordable Varsity Pad AiR Flex™ Appearance
The Varsity Flex™ is an economical choice for quality shoulder pads for the junior high or entry-level high school player. The impact channels on the padding mimics the look of the AiR Flex™. Just like the AiR Flex™, the Varsity Flex™ also has 5mm vent holes throughout the arch.

Air Circulation
With 5mm vent holes throughout the arch, along with a breathable fabric covering the padding system, air circulates freely throughout the Varsity Flex™ pads.

Interior Cushioning
The Varsity Flex™ features a two-layer padding system that features closed cell, EVA impact foam for maximum protection. A  layer of comfort foam helps with the fit and comfort of the pad. The moisture-wicking Aero-Dry™ spacer fabric helps move sweat and heat away from the body.


Raised Corrugations
Raised corrugations in the design make the pad stronger while 5mm holes  in both the arch and throughout the pad aid in circulating air keeping you cooler.

7MM Vent Holes
7mm vent holes allow cool air in and hot air out reducing fatigue and increasing performance. 

3-Point Belt

The 3-point Belt System pulls the arch closer to the body while providing maximum range of motion 

AEGIS Anti Microbial
This product is treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield, and antimicrobial, which acts to resist the development of bacterial odors in our product.

Stainless Steel Hardware
Don’t worry about rust, as the entire pad features stainless steel hardware and rivets for maximum durability, saving you money in the long run on unnecessary replacement parts.

Flat Pad Design

The flat pad design has no cantilever giving it a lower profile that allows maximum mobility and range of motion.

Arch Designs
Two unique arch designs are made for every position on the feel that cater to the player’s position and distinctive needs.

Pre-Drilled Accessories Hook-Up
Pre-drilled holes allow easy hook-up for optional accessories such as a back-plate, Rib Protector or neck Roll.

C Channels

Adjustable C-Channels bring the pad off of the A/C Joint eliminating the change of direct impact while helping disperse the energy over a wider area. This design provides maximum mobility while reducing the chance of shoulder injury.

Additional Features
On all models of Varsity Flex™ shoulder pads, you’ll also find the following features and benefits:
1)    Ventilated arch and sub-arch, to increase air flow
2)    Raised corrugations on the arch for durability
3)    3-Point Belt and harness system
4)    Aero-Dry™ spacer fabric that’s light and durable
5)    Stainless Steel Hardware
6)    Non cantilever design for a very low profile, flat pad

 Size               Shoulder Width               Chest
Small                16-17″                          34-36″
Medium            17-18″                          38-40″
Large                18-19″                          42-44″
X-Large            19-20″                          46-48″
2X-Large          20-21″                          48-50″

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