High Fly

High Fly Discus


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Product Description

Alloy rim with rim weight of 80% Center plates made of formulated polycarbonate/PBT alloy, specialty long fiber compound for unmatched impact strength

Discus Weight and Age Group
Boys (Up to Age 14) 1 KG
Women (All Levels) 1 KG
Men (High School 15-18) 1.6 KG
Men (College) 2 KG
Men (Masters to 49) 2 KG
Men (50-59) 1.5 KG
Men (69+) 1 KG

Additional Information


1.0 KG/2.2 lbs, 1.6 KG/3.5 lbs, 2.0 KG/4.4 lbs


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