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The Vengeance DCT is the newest helmet from Schutt Sports. The “DCT” stands for Dual Compression Technology. The 4th Generation of TPU Cushioning contains durometers that are specifically designed to absorb both high-velocity and low-velocity impacts.

Hybrid TPU Cushioning
A powerful combination of Dual Compression TPU Cushioning and vinyl nitrile padding means you get the advanced technology of TPU in the front, crown and back areas of the helmet-also the highest impact areas on the helmet. Vinyl nitrile padding is on the sides. It is a great package of protection at a great value.

Twist Release System
This all-new patented, two piece faceguard retainer system eliminates loop straps and screws, making it easier and faster than ever to attach or remove the faceguard.

New comfort Liner
This non-inflatable liner helps make the helmet more comfortable and gives the player a better fit.

High Powered New Shell Design
The Vengeance Shell features a patented Flexural Resistance Back Shelf Design-increasing strength and impact absorption in the back of the helmet.

Dynamic New Faceguard Line
Organically inspired and intimidating by design, the Vengeance faceguards feature an offset eybrow design that increases impact absorption.

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